Sunday, March 23, 2008

from The Esoteric: A Magazine of Advanced and Practical Esoteric Thought, 1894

(page 475)

Lost Springs, Kans., Feb. 26, 1895. Last night, just before we were going to bed, I happened to glance through the window, and was greeted with what seemed at first sight a meteor: but when I took the second look, I knew that it was not, and then I called my mother to come and see it too. It was coming straight toward me until she was called, when it turned westward. It seemed to be to be about 10 or 12 inches in diameter, but to my mother, it appeared in the shape of a triangle, with rays of light reflecting from it like those from a diamond. To me it seemed to be round, and as pure white as it possibly could appear. It traveled rather slowly from the time I first saw it until it passed west of us, then it began to travel faster and faster. Just as it was north of us, there appeared about two or three feet above it the figure of the head and shoulders of a person of the color of a flame of fire. It threw a ray of light into the house like that of the moon. The triangle looked just like the one in the Seven Creative Principles. We watched this phenomenon for about five minutes, until it disappeared far off in the west.

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