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from Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, 1905-7

(page 149)

Mrs. M. writes as follows :

May 29, 1905.

My husband wants me to write of what I have seen at P____ and heard when with Mrs. Jones, Egryn, March 15th. After the evening service we had a little way to walk from the town down to West-End, where we were staying. We both were invited to have supper next door to where we were sleeping, so after supper we went up to a sitting-room on the third floor. It seems that they were having the lights at West-End since the Revival broke out at the commencement of the year above a little chapel of the Methodists, so they were very curious to see the lights this night, when Mrs. Jones was with them, so that they would be more satisfied. We had no lights in the room. There were two windows to the room: just the room to have proper sight of the light if it would come. Anyway, in a very little while we saw two balls of fire moving back and fro, but it was so very far we were not satisfied with that. We were about twelve to eighteen in the room. Eight were singing hymns, so as to pass the time in watching and waiting for the lights. In a little while we had a better view, and, nearer us, several globes of light, some very light colour, and others deep red. We were enjoying ourselves. I am well used to seeing that kind of light here.

My husband and I have witnessed the sight many a time here. When we saw the light ascending high in the air, like a cross, I felt nervous, but it descended again nearer us — a cross and two other crosses, one each side of the middle one. The two crosses came nearer us now and stood not far from us, and dozens of small balls of fire dancing back and fro behind the crosses, and we heard a voice singing.

I have heard the singing once after at H_____, but differently to that at P_____, like a well-trained choir, and saw the cross the same time on the sky. The two Misses G., _______, are witnesses of the cross in the sky and the singing.

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