Thursday, March 27, 2008

from Roger of Wendover's Flowers of History, 1849

(page 567)

A.D. 1233—On the 8th of April, about the first hour of the day, there appeared four spurious suns round the real sun, of different colors, some of a semicircular form and others round. These suns formed a wonderful spectacle, and were seen by more than a thousand creditable persons; and some of them, in commemoration of this extraordinary phenomenon, painted suns and rings of various colors on parchment, that such an unusual phenomenon might not escape from the memory of man. This was followed in the same year by a cruel war and terrible bloodshed in those counties, and general disturbances happened throughout England, Wales, and Ireland. About the same time in the month of June, two immense snakes were seen by the inhabitants near the sea-coast in the southern part of England, fighting in the air, and after a severe struggle one overcame the other, and putting him to flight, pursued him to the bottom of the sea, where they were both lost to sight.

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