Saturday, March 29, 2008

from Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, 1905-7

(page 152)

From the Rev. E. W. E.

June 26, 1905.

Mrs. Jones of Egryn's last meeting at _____, being rather late on Wednesday, May 24th, it was therefore after midnight that Mrs. E. and myself retired upstairs to rest. After putting out the light in our bedroom I could not go to bed. Then looked out of the window, but could see nothing. Then I went to the back bedroom, where our two boys sleep; and whilst I was looking out of this window towards the Penrhys hill, my wife came behind and put her hand on my shoulder, then asked me if I were looking for something. I said yes, that I was looking for something strange, because I felt very strange. Mrs. E. had just pushed the curtain on one side when she exclaimed, "There's something!" I said, "Where?" When she told me the direction I then exclaimed, "Yes, really, there is the strange light." It appeared to us in the form of a column of fire about two feet wide and several feet high, quite distinct, and of the tint of a fiery vapour.

After looking at the column for a second or two, then some bright balls of fire appeared in the column near its base, then these brilliant balls would burst and disappear upwards. Then the column would disappear, but in a moment would appear again in the same form, in the very same spot, and then the balls would appear in the column, and the balls burst and disappear upwards in the same way. This we distinctly saw six times (6 times).

It was, as nearly as we could judge, about 12.45 on Thursday morn, May 25, and lasted in all about three minutes.

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